[Event] CypressTel x Landray x 科创人- Driving the Future: Intelligent Digital Transformation
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On April 19th, a successful digital intelligence event, "Driving the Future: Intelligent Digital Transformation (数领未来,智能驱动)" was co-organized by CypressTel, Landray (蓝凌软件) and 科创人. Over 30 executives, including founders, CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs from various companies, like CIMC Group (中集集团), Huafa Property (华发物业), Transsion Holdings (传音控股), Goodix (汇顶科技), Appotronics (光峰科技), Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment (中微半导体), Shokz (韶音科技), were present at the event to discuss the latest trends and successful practices of digital transformation.

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Chairman of Landray used examples of serving Midea and Huawei to explain that two models are involved in the behind-the-scenes work - "information system reconstruction + data mid-platform empowerment" and "empowering employees by role." Information digitization is about processes and control, while digital intelligence is about empowerment and intelligence. Enterprises need to manage their data assets throughout the entire lifecycle and enable data consumption across all scenarios to create more value. The new generation of digital spaces will upgrade the traditional "information system based on processes" model to the "new digital intelligence based on spaces" model, significantly improving efficiency and experience from strategy to execution, collaboration to empowerment.


The Chairman of Landray in his forward-looking address, highlighted the future trends in digital intelligence. He pointed out that private models will become a trend, with enterprises favoring KM+AI driven by the application of search, human-machine interaction, and intelligent entry capabilities based on private models. He also mentioned that low-code+AI, process+AI, and contract+AI will help enterprises accelerate the release of new productive forces, indicating potential areas of investment for the executives.

CypressTel is a leading expert in SD-WAN security networking and multi-cloud management (MSP) that provides a comprehensive network solution to enterprises. It has integrated SD-WAN and SASE to offer double assurance for peace of mind. During a recent event, CypressTel's CEO, Connee, shared the company's digital transformation journey from SD-WAN to SASE, leveraging intelligent technologies to enhance productivity.


With global digitalization, efficient networking and network security have become crucial for enterprises. CypressTel relies on computing power, networking, and security to offer stable, highly secure, and easy-to-deploy network solutions that assist enterprises in digital transformation and international expansion. The company is highly customer-centric and provides customized network solutions to ensure efficient and secure network connectivity.

After 16 years of dedicated efforts, CypressTel has successfully served numerous Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprises, established a portfolio of benchmark cases, and earned the trust of both the market and customers. Currently, it has a global presence with 100+ Points of Presence (POP), network coverage in 300+ cities, and serves over 7,600 customers. Its network solutions have been widely applied in over 10 industries, including finance, manufacturing, renewable energy, internet, new retail, and logistics.

SD-WAN networking is highly popular among enterprises as the needs of enterprise branches, IoT, and data center interconnections have changed. This has increased the demand for integrating private networking resources and required higher bandwidth utilization. The traditional WAN management approach faces many challenges, such as high bandwidth costs, long-term operational difficulties, declining response speeds, and a weak wide-area network security system.

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SD-WAN networking is popular among enterprises because of its unique advantages of low cost, short deployment time, and low maintenance difficulty, reflecting new trends in enterprises' digital transformation and upgrade. "From helping enterprises build a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, and on-demand cloud-based enterprise dedicated network to solving problems like data transmission packet loss, latency, and stuttering in cloud scenarios, and further encrypting enterprise data traffic to improve user network service experience effectively, these are the key driving forces behind the rapid development of CypressTel’s SD-WAN," said Connee.


The traditional security infrastructure has significantly changed in recent years as enterprise networks have shifted towards cloud, internet, and mobile-based development. The emergence of the new SASE security architecture has provided enterprises with a fresh perspective and comprehensive solutions to tackle modern security challenges.


The new SASE security architecture has four significant transformations compared to the traditional architecture. It has shifted from single-point policies to holistic protection, from indirect access to direct access, branch capabilities to cloud capabilities, and hardware expansion to elastic scalability.


Integrating CypressTel 's SD-WAN networking and SASE security has core value advantages such as holistic protection, consistent policies, proximity access, ultra-fast experience, full-stack security, continuous growth, asset-light, and elastic scalability. It strongly supports the reconstruction of security perimeters in the cloud and secure online access anytime, anywhere.

During the discussion, the guests actively asked questions to understand CypressTel 's professional insights and practices in large-group security networking. Connee provided practical references based on the best practices in multiple scenarios, emphasizing the importance of private cloud data localization deployment, access control, and compliance review to ensure the security and compliance of cross-border data.

The CIMC Group is a world-leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment. The Deputy General Manager of the CIMC Group's Data Network Center shared the collaboration achievements between CIMC and the AWS Lab, including co-creating a 6+3 technical architecture, launching the "CIMC Thousand Questions" platform, and building core capabilities such as application management, model management, knowledge management, and security compliance.


CIMC Group continuously innovates in the digital field, including industrial AI practices, the AIGC platform, and application exploration. Its generative AI platform, "CIMC Thousand Questions," and intelligent customer service application were released at the "Digital CIMC Conference," and its first digital employee, "Dian Dian (点点)," has officially "taken office."


The successful hosting of this digital intelligence private sharing event is a booster in the wave of enterprise digitalization. The attending guests gained a clearer and more thorough understanding of digital transformation through in-depth discussions. Looking to the future, CypressTel will bring more efficient and intelligent driving forces for enterprises and jointly explore more possibilities for digital transformation.

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