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One2C® is a revolutionary product developed entirely for cloud-based business. Launched in 2019, One2C® is our new flagship product, empowered by CypressTel’s expertise in SD-WAN and cloud direct connect capacity. Just with One2C®, you can connect to Cloud from anywhere, everywhere.


Our OneWAN solution is an emerging alternative to provisioned Multi-Protocol Label Switching circuits, providing more distributed flexibility by using a more centralized control model at the customer premises or within the cloud.


OneCare has been in the market for years and it is continued to be the popular connectivity solution for particular industries to maintain and control their operation cost, while achieving the high level productivity. It is a kind of private network based on the public transmission platform, which support voice, data and video communication among the different sites.


OneView is a powerful network monitoring platform that enables you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages. It speeds troubleshooting, increases service levels, and reduces downtime

Why Us?

Regulatory Compliance

Our commitment to full compliance of regulations is uncompromising. We have implemented stringent and detailed internal control measures to make sure our adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to our business. CypressTel has acquired multiple communication licenses issued by MIIT, to operate telecom services in China.

Secure & Reliable

With greater network control, segmented security policies and increased security measures are simpler to deploy. Utilise our private Network and keep your traffic secure when connecting between metros, regions, and countries.

Fully Managed Service

Our IT solutions provide the tools, support, and expertise needed to fuel your modern workplace. At Fully Managed, we leverage leading-edge technology and world class systems to enhance the way our clients do business now and in the future. Whether you’re looking for complete Managed Services or a custom-solution, let us help you harness the power of technology to reach your business goals.

Fast Deployment

Deploy branch office network connectivity faster. Once you’re on the CypressTel fabric, you can provision connections in 59 seconds. We are a pioneer in the industry to offer services that make the connectivity deployment more stable, attentive and customized, that deliver to our customer that extra sincere attention.

Low Latency

When enabling features such as WAN optimization and combined with a global cloud fabric, CypressTel can help your traffic get to global public cloud services providers faster. This is particularly important for enterprises which operate businesses all over the world. With CypressTel, you can experience fast, stable and predictable performance for data, infrastructure, applications.


Customization of the bandwidth and connectivity to meet the needs of your specific network services, locations, or users. And the ability to centrally define and manage policies and network traffic without requiring manual configuration at each device. With CypressTel, you can increase or decrease scalable bandwidth, your bandwidth at any time.

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