[Recognition] CypressTel has been selected for the first batch of the "Panorama of High-Quality Development of Digital Medical Products and Services"
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CypressTel's successful selection for the first batch of the 'Panorama of High-Quality Development of Digital Medical Products and Services' (《数字医疗产品及服务高质量发展全景图》)at the 'China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance (AIIA) Medical Artificial Intelligence Committee Conference' hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). This recognition of our outstanding performance and excellent application cases in the field of medical digitalization establishes us as a benchmark enterprise in the industry, reassuring our customers and partners of our capabilities.


The "Panorama of High-Quality Development of Digital Medical Products and Services" was compiled and released by CAICT to showcase innovative experiences and explore new models for the high-quality development of smart healthcare, providing essential references for the sustainable development of the digital medical industry.


As a leading global network service provider and a pioneer in SD-WAN, CypressTel has distinguished itself by developing a unique approach to medical digitalization services. By integrating resources, optimizing service processes, and responding rapidly, CypressTel has created a series of application cases that have significantly enhanced its level of digital services and earned widespread praise from industry customers.


CypressTel has been provided an integrated network solution for a well-known chain pharmacy company, CypressTel customized a more advanced, efficient, and reliable overall network solution to support digitization. This solution effectively improved network performance, reduced operating costs, met the growing demands of diversified businesses and achieved unified operation and maintenance.


Furthermore, CypressTel's network solution utilized application identification and intelligent routing functions, enabling flexible management of business traffic in pharmacies to ensure the priority transmission of critical business, thus providing customers with a smoother consumer experience. CypressTel also provided a unified monitoring platform for the well-known chain pharmacy enterprise, helping operations personnel fully grasp network conditions, respond quickly to faults, and simplify network operation and management.


In the field of network security and system operation and maintenance, CypressTel provides security services such as situational awareness systems, log audit systems, privacy computing platforms, sensitive data monitoring and management systems, and disaster recovery backup systems. Additionally, it offers equipment operation and maintenance services such as intelligent monitoring systems, fault alarm systems, remote operation and maintenance systems, and visualization systems, providing strong technical support for the digitalization of the medical industry.

In conclusion, CypressTel's successful selection signifies its significant achievements in the field of medical digitalization and demonstrates the company's strong capabilities and broad prospects in the digital medical industry. In the future, CypressTel will continue to closely follow the industry trends of digital transformation in the medical industry, actively explore technological and product innovations, continuously enrich and improve digital solutions for medical services, and contribute more to the promotion of digital innovation and development in the industry.

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