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CypressTel is committed to building strong partnerships with leading international cloud service operators via the CypressTel Partner Network. It offers various programs that strengthen and develop new relationships. One of the key functions of CypressTel Partner Network is to provide a platform where partners can interact and leverage each other’s strengths, while building successful businesses around CypressTel’s state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.

We believe, regardless of how well-constructed and efficient an engine is, it still requires energy in the form of fuel to convert into action; action to move forward, action to overcome obstacles, and action to get to a destination quickly.

Fueled by our connectivity innovation, together we can take our customers to new heights with greater digital business agility.

What is the CypressTel Partner Network?

The CypressTel Partner Network is the global partner program for CypressTel. It is focused on helping our partners build successful CypressTel connectivity related businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support.

As a partner of CypressTel, you will receive business, technical, sales, and marketing resources to help enable you to grow your business and better support your customers. By Joining the CypressTel Partner Network, you can take advantage of numerous our enablement programs to differentiate your business and connect with customers for the cloud era.
Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership Programs

Network Service Providers

Cloud Services

Data Center Operator

Network Service Providers

The CypressTel Network Service Providers Program is designed for enabling global Internet Service Providers’ reachability and capabilities beyond their network domain. Through our provisioning platform, Carrier partners participate in a global ecosystem and marketplace that gives them access to customers and an alternate revenue stream.
  • Access a rapid provisioning platform for your customers, between key routes
  • Integrate via our services to enable the sale of your services within a global marketplace

Cloud Services

The CypressTel Cloud Service Program is built to enrich our cloud partner’s service portfolio into a worldwide ecosystem. By leveraging CypressTel’s market-leading network solutions and managed cloud offerings, we can help you to provide more comprehensive solutions and become a trusted advisor. This cooperation enables you to tailor-make platforms to your customers, not matter on the public cloud, dedicated servers or a hybrid cloud. By delivering such effective, efficient and comprehensive solutions, you can better meet customers’ needs and ultimately win repeat business opportunities.
  • Extend your reach – beyond you network domains.
  • Quick provisioning – to your cloud from CypressTel enabled Data Center and customer side.
  • Market-competitive discount – to enable you considerable margins and greater competitive advantages

Data Center Operator

The CypressTel Data Center Program aims to develop strategic relationship with Data Center Operators who want to explore business opportunities among cloud users. Via CypressTel wide-spread network with multiple access modes, partners are enabled to earn revenues and operate connectivity services with global cloud providers.
  • High-quality network resources – to fulfil customers’ cloud using experience
  • Multi-cloud connection – to attract more high-end customers
  • Diverse connecting options – to overcome the challenges of various environment
Referral Partnership

CypressTel Referral Program

Referral Program

The CypressTel Referral Program provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy and profitable way to refer cloud or connectivity business cases across our full portfolio. Through any means of referral, we want to help you earn commissions by leveraging CypressTel product portfolio to explore business opportunities and easily introduce our offerings to your customers and prospects. Referral partners would receive immediate brokerage for their referred contract what requires none commitments. With art-of-work expertise on Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack, and cloud technologies, it is a win-win effect to refer CypressTel to your clients.

Referral Partner Benefits:

  • Immediate commission without commitments
  • Easy to conduct
  • Enhancing customer intimacy by CypressTel offerings
Reseller Partnership

CypressTel Reseller Program

Reseller Program

The CypressTel Reseller Program is designed to enable all types of businesses, but not limited to, digital agencies, web and app developers who want to generate revenues and incorporate network products and cloud solutions into their existing portfolio. This intuitive program enables you to leverage our expertise in connectivity and cloud services so that you can focus on your core business and enhance customer intimacy. We can make your integral deliverable an art-of-work, and ultimately can lead to better reputation and continuous business for you.

Reseller Partner Benefits:

  • Competitive discount
  • Compensation on renewals and upgrades

Benefits of Being a CypressTel partner

Technical Support

As a CypressTel partner, you will have access to our technical training opportunities to support you in strengthening your connectivity - based business. Resources include CypressTel partners’ exclusive technical content, customized training options, consulting services, and courses on cloud, networking, architecture and more. Given the rapid pace of change in IT, this program will enable technology and service providers to maintain relevant technical knowledge, understand and apply technical tools in a business context, and to rapidly understand and assimilate new product offerings.

Business Development

CypressTel is the expert who understand the current state of connectivity and cloud business as well as it's future opportunities, have the ability to initiate the necessary changes to make that happen. Our CypressTel Partner Network is about alleviating the bottlenecks to growth and progress without opening the business up to safety and security concerns. It’s about empowering businesses to adapt and modify processes without running into roadblocks.

Marketing Enablement

Our CypressTel Partner Network marketing enablement function is to enable the execution of strategy through a holistic training and knowledge acquisition structure, identification and execution of cross-functional processes and development of an optimized martech stack to drive stated business results. Our partners also have opportunities to participate in co-branded marketing campaigns, case studies, sponsorships, and more.

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