One to Cloud, Cloud All in One2C®

One2C®, a Must-have Tool for Cloud Era

One2C® is a revolutionary product developed entirely for cloud-based business. Launched in 2019, One2C® is our new flagship product, empowered by CypressTel’s expertise in SD-WAN and cloud direct connect capacity. Just with One2C®, you can connect to Cloud from anywhere, everywhere.   

Our customers no longer have to worry about congestion, data leakage on the WAN. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about how to connect to the cloud flexibly. Through One2C®, CypressTel’s own cloud connect network integrates the advantages of cloud connectivity and SDWAN, enabling data transmission security and network flexibility to coexist.

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Rapid change is the new normal as organizations embrace the cloud. There’s no question about the business value of the cloud – the question is how to adapt your business for the cloud.

This has brought about the need for more engineers who know how to integrate, work with, and fix cloud-based connectivity. One2C®  is well designed by skilled development operations professionals to ensure things run smoothly. One2C® lets you deliver consistent, automated protections across public and private clouds so you can adopt SaaS apps, rapidly roll out cloud-delivered services and apps, and avoid business disruption.


Benefit from the inherent flexibility of cloud services and the key advantages of SD-WAN, One2C® is the great choice for DevNet.

Better Application Performance

With CypressTel's cloud connect network, customers can experience fast, stable and predictable performance for data, infrastructure, applications and other IT assets hosted in cloud environments

Reliable and Secure

Our OneCare network architecture prevents hackers from exposing the internal routes to the Internet, effectively avoiding security issues such as user data leakage on the public network, which provides a secure IP-based pathway between two or more endpoints.

Continuous Optimization

One2C® can optimize customer networks regardless of whether the data center is in public, private or hybrid cloud, remote offices or on-premises, and improve performance for cloud-based applications anywhere in the world.

Faster Deployments

With an Internet-based and global private network deployment, our One2C® solution can add users and sites within hours anywhere in the world. Be up and running globally in 8-48 hours.

Fully-managed Service

Our proactive managed services offer you a trouble-free and cost-effective way of maintaining and evolving your critical infrastructure while freeing up your team for strategic projects. Our commitment to ensuring you have complete peace of mind means our technical experts are on hand 24 x 7 x 365.