Marketing Commissioner

Job Responsibilities

  • Can independently complete the writing of the advertising plan, brand promotion plan and plan design report;
  • Have marketing campaign planning experience, can write planning copy;
  • The ability to comprehensively use various marketing methods including advertising planning, soft text promotion, public relations activities, etc. for market promotion and brand promotion;Responsible for writing relevant news and drafts of the company;
  • Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the company website and WeChat public number;
  • Planning or convening to hold relevant important meeting activities;
  • Complete other tasks for leadership arrangements.

Job Requirements

  • Marketing, public relations, news and other related majors;
  • Excellent copywriting skills, strong creative thinking ability and good communication skills;
  • Proficiency in operating office software such as PS, Excel, Word, PPT;
  • Responsible, patient, and have a sense of teamwork.
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