Account Manager Assistant

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for following up the quotation of customers’ various needs and answering the customer’s business problems;
  • Manage the quotation of each product resource of the customer, and regularly update the price;
  • All kinds of quotation and demand information are entered into the CRM system;
  • Coordination of order progress follow-up and special circumstances;
  • Responsible for the customer’s acceptance of the renewal, upgrade, migration, cancellation and other changes to existing projects;
  • Responsible for the management of sales contracts, follow-up contract signing progress and follow-up matters;
  • Organize weekly/monthly orders, quotation reports and various reports.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above; communication engineering and other related majors; marketing or related majors;
  • More than 2 years sales related work experience;
  • Training in marketing, communication engineering, etc.;
  • Proficient in business negotiation and project follow-up;
  • Skilled application of various office software and systems, strong observation and resilience, good judgment and communication skills;
  • Logical thinking is rigorous, good at dealing with emergencies; customer service awareness is extremely strong;
  • Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

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