Global Connect

IT Infrastructure Solutions for Businesses


DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

By taking connections directly at your office premises or in data centers as a complement to your WAN solution, we provide a port on the network exclusively reserved just for you to ensure you never experience slowdowns during peak usage times.


Premium DIA

Based on DIA service, this option also optimizes your overseas Internet access by a dedicated P2P circuit or VPN tunnel connected to CypressTel network.




Offers customers a secure, scalable, private, any-to-any global network over MPLS VPN platform along with a suite of features, management capabilities, and industry-leading SLA.
  • Multipoint to multipoint network connected with diverse cable systems
  • Over 100 nodes of access coverage within Great China and globe
  • 5 Classes of service with guaranteed SLA, supporting multiple applications with a traffic priority control
  • Access bandwidth from 2M to 10G with flexible local access options

P2P Ethernet offers direct connection between office branches and data centers, with SLA guarantee. It is a trusted network that provides a strictly closed user group environment. CypressTel also provides Ethernet over MPLS and Layer 2 Ethernet to fully mesh all of your sites into a virtual private LAN environment.  


CypressTel’s suite of fully-managed Ethernet-based network services was developed specifically to meet the performance, speed and security demands of both enterprise and carrier customers. Our International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) is an end-to-end, managed, bandwidth service based on next generation SDH/Sonnet transport service (Multi Service Transport Platform or MSTP).



Why CypressTel global connect?​

CypressTel helps enterprises take advantage of these global network trends, with our unique experience in designing, sourcing, implementing and supporting both internet-centric and hybrid internet/MPLS networks.

Cloud connectivity

CypressTel provides a unique Global Internet access service connecting more than 10,000 enterprise and government customer sites to the Cloud, with 24/7 global support.

Experience & expertise

Since 2008, we have built and actively manage the performance of a global network of suppliers in 190+ countries with the full portfolio of Internet access services.

Quality-led networking

The quality of your Internet underlay will define the quality of your overlay; the services you deliver via the Internet – voice, video, data, applications.