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Colocation Makes Exceptional Business Sense

These days, the economies of scale achieved in a purpose built data centre far outweigh challenges of managing your data centre on your premises. Our state-of-the-art, carrier-neutral data centre facilities offer significant cost savings and outstanding reliability and security.

Managing your own data centre, can be a difficult task. Faced not only with limited capital and operating budget, you’ll also need a team to be available 24×365 that has the right skills to manage complex facilities and security. Transitioning your in-house environment to CypressTel’s data centre takes away the hassle and cost of managing your own data centre team.

Core Benefits

Our colocation services are engineered to deliver:

  • Scalability. CyressTel’s colocation facilities are now designed to not only comply with regulations and standards, but also predicted capacity requirements, all while simultaneously reducing operating costs by incorporating aisle-containment structures. One solution offered by many experts in the field is to use scalable or modular designs. The aisle-containment structure is increasingly popular because it meets all of these goals by providing an infrastructure that’s easily expandable and rapidly deployable.
  • Sustainable infrastructure. Our colocation services help businesses reach their full potential by not only providing cost savings but also sustaining and providing an excellent business infrastructure. CypressTel offers power access, delivery and efficiency. It gives you the best solution for power, connectivity, bandwidth and latency. CypressTel’s colocation facilities focus on the data center and network services, so your company can focus on the bottom line.
  • Security. CypressTel has the necessary resources to maintain high security—more so than a company. We continuously upgrade our facilities to ensure all tenants’ data is protected and secure through personnel monitoring, physical-attack prevention, and fire detection and control.
  • Cost. The two major points of cost efficiency are capital expenses and operational expenses. With our colocation, a business needn’t worry about purchasing land, hiring a contractor, handling deployment latency, managing security, or delivering and managing power in the building. The cost to expand a date center can be steep, which is why many businesses opt for our CypressTel’s colocation.


N+1 to 2N+1 services Supply AC & DC power


Designed and built from an N+1 to a 2N deployment


7x24x365 full security management

Cages and Cabinets

Professional recommendation for right cage, suite, and server cabinet solutions

Rapid Installation

CypressTel experts manage your entire installation project.

Ultimate Service

7x24x365 Global professional services team

Our Service Commitment

CypressTel’s colocation services provide you a quality long-term solution to increase your business’ efficiency and reduce your risks, no matter where you are in the world. Collocating with CypressTel empowers your business to realise the many benefits of the cloud while also keeping your mission critical infrastructure secure.


Tier III+ fully-redundant infrastructures ensure high availability and business continuity.


Customize your colocation space based on your needs

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