Gobal i-VPN

A cost effective way to create VPN tunnel between sites while maintaining the higher security level session. On-the-fly configuration changes and total control capability make it the best solution as a backup link of mission-critical MPLS VPN, or secured links between the branches and shops. It can also be configured as remote VPN access for travelers around the world to perform daily business operations.

The Best Solution of IPsec and SSL Solution

Internet access (xDSL, DIA, wireless/3G, 4G)
Hardware services (Cisco/Juniper VPN routers)
Virtual Local Loop (Internet access + VPN router + Tunnel management)

World-Class Service

  • Internet Access (xDSL, DIA, Mobile 4G) Customer has the choice of xDSL, Direct Internet Access (DIA), or Mobile 4G solution for the Internet access.
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Customer has the choice of termination equipment, e.g. Cisco, Juniper
  • Combination of Internet Access and CPE Solution Customer has the choice of bundling both Internet Access and CPE for a total solution, plus 7x24 GNOC monitoring service.