OneCare has been in the market for years and it is continue to be the popular connectivity solution for particular industries to maintain and control their operation cost, while achieving the high level productivity. It is a kind of private network based on the public transmission platform, which support voice, data and video communication among the different sites. CypressTel operates a meshed OneCare network with 34 points of presence (POPs) in Greater China and is counting. The technology provides any to any connectivity with high level security and reliability; as well as scalability and flexibility for site or bandwidth expansion, at a reasonable and affordable cost. 24 hour round the clock network monitoring by our GNOC engineers to proactively notify our valuable customers for any incidence occurs. We offer 5-class of services, and SLA guarantee is available.

High network quality and security
High scalable and convenient deployment
High productivity for Enterprise

Network Service – OneCare

The Best Solution of OneCare services

  • OneCare
  • Layer 2 VPN
  • Multicast VPN
  • SRA VPN (IPSec & SSL)
  • VPN Backup Solution
  • VPN & DIA Solution
  • Managed CPE