Company Profile

Cypress Telecom was established in 2003, is a leading Global ICT provider of network technology services in Greater China and Asia Pacific market, headquartered in Hong Kong. Cypress Telecom provides a full range of services direct to global Carriers and System Integration customer whom are looking for one reliable ICT partner globally.

CypressTel is a leading Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service provider in Mainland China and Asia Pacific market. With more than a decade experience and proven record of success in Telecom and ICT industry, CypressTel is one of the aggressive and trustable service provider in China, which it provides a full range of ICT and network services, including Data Connectivity, Colocation and Managed Service, Cloud acceleration, and System Integration.

Started its business with a scale of 20 employees, and has expanded to 200 employees nowadays. Its footprint covers more than 50 countries by leveraging its global certified expertise to accomplish the continuously projects from our strategic partners and customers.
Currently there are 8 subsidiaries in China and overseas, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xian, Japan and Singapore.


  • 2016.12 ——CypressTel was granted honorable certificate of Innovative Technology for Enterprise by the Shenzhen Committee of Innovative Technology.
  • 2016.07 ——Officially registered and participated in SDN/NFV Industry Alliance.
  • 2016.07 ——Held its “Annual Product Briefing 2016”, announcing its new SDN/NFV products.
  • 2016.06 ——Collaborated with NTT-Virtela to deploy SDN/NFV technology communication in China.
  • 2016.04 ——Granted “Network Outsourcing Service” by SF Express Cargo Company, through a bid invitation.
  • 2016.01 ——Acquired authoritative permission from MIIT for constructing domestic infrastructure access in Yinchuan city, Ningxia province.
  • 2015.12 ——Acquired ISO9001 certifications for CypressTel Hong Kong and CypressTel Shenzhen.
  • 2015.07 ——Established CypressTel Shanghai office.
  • 2015.06 ——Acquired ISP license.
  • 2015.04 ——Officially launched “CloudPress”, an innovative Cloud acceleration product. Partnered with Blue Linksys to promote CloudPress to Salesforce users in China.
  • 2015.04 ——Completed the “CNET” full BGP routing between China, Asia Pacific, USA and Europe, to improve overall network performance.
  • 2014.11 ——Upgraded its “CNET” network backbones to serve the fast growing demand of bandwidth.
  • 2014.11 ——Launched its Hong Kong BGP platform.
  • 2014.10 ——Established CypressTel Singapore office, first manned oversea office.
  • 2013.12 ——Invested in developing Cloud platform to cope with the growing Cloud market.

  • 2013.08 ——Established CypressTel Nanjing office.

  • 2013.08 ——Signed partnership agreement with NTT Hong Kong to provide outsourcing project.

  • 2012.03 ——Started to provide Solution Consultant service in Hong Kong.

  • 2011.10 ——Shenzhen GNOC started to provide Japanese language technical support.

  • 2011.07 ——Formed Board of Directors.

  • 2010.12 ——Registered as member of Pacific Telecommunications Conference (“PTC”).

  • 2010.09 ——Deployed and implemented VPN networks in China.

  • 2010.04 ——Acquired VPN license to provide service covering all provinces in China.
  • 2009.11 ——Acquired VPN license for Guangdong province.

  • 2009.09 ——Established CypressTel Shenzhen office.

  • 2008.07 ——Established Cypresstel Hong Kong headquarter, to develop cooperation and partnership with global carriers.

  • 2003.08 ——Lon En Technologies was established in Nanjing, providing system integration service in the ICT industry.